Thursday's Top Performing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Stocks

Dismal day again on Wall Street as Unemployment Data showed 500,000 new jobless claims and increased fears of a double dip recession are mounting. Also, a fear in tax hikes with the end of Bush Tax cuts ending in 135 days. The economy is very nervous and jittery. Luckily BioPharma plays can go up regardless of all of this negative news. Unfortunately, not as much as they used to because of nervous investors who sell, sell, sell before FDA decisions. I understand though. I wouldn't want to lose a lot of money because of a negative recommendation either. Sometimes you have to go with your gut on some things and let it ride.

Big news with Intel buying McAfee for a premium as McAfee's stock rose 57%. But the BioPharma market painted a different picture with most stocks down for the day between 1-2% overall. Tomorrow is a big day for Jazz Pharma with FDA recommendation panel for their Fibramyalgia medication. I expect approval and a strong day for Jazz. If not then it will go down heavily. But I just don't see that happening as the medication is already approved for Necrolepsy. There is a huge safety concern for the medication as outlined in yesterday's Wall St. Journal article FDA Raises Concerns About Fibromyalgia Drug. This being said I am letting it ride tomorrow and if it goes up it goes up, if it goes down it goes down. We will see.

Investment plays I currently like are BioElectronics BIEL, Amarin AMRN, and Exact Sciences EXAS. Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals JGBO has been gaining strength lately with a Strong Buy rating, Endo Pharmaceuticals ENDO, and KV Pharmaceuticals KVA.

Thursday's Top Performing Pharmaceuticals

1. KV Pharmaceuticals KVA 1.63 +0.18 12.41% gain

2. Access Pharmaceuticals ACCP 2.00 +0.16 8.70% gain

3. ACADIA Pharmaceuticals ACAD 1.08 +0.04 3.85% gain

4. Endo Pharmaceuticals ENDP 29.15 +0.70 2.46% gain

5. Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals JGBO 10.09 +0.21 2.13% gain

Top Performing Biotech Stocks for Thursday

1. Emisphere Technologies EMIS 1.10 +0.23 25.71% gain

2. Bioelectronics Corp BIEL 0.0183 +0.0014 8.28% gain

3. Oculus Innovative Sciences OCLS 1.73 +0.13 8.13% gain

4. Interleukin Genetics ILIU 0.37 +0.02 5.71% gain

5. ARYx Therapeutics ARYX 0.42 +0.01 3.63% gain

6. Insmed Inc. INSM 0.72 +0.03 3.62% gain
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