Monday's BioPharma List for August 9th

In inflation adjusted terms, the US stock mark...

Top Pharmaceuticals for Monday August 9th

1. K-V Pharmaceuticals This one is slightly unpredictable (NYSE:KV.A) at 1.46 up +0.17 a 13.17% gain after having a 20.6% increase last week.

2. Roche Holdings RHHBF; F denotes a foreign stock trading on Nasdaq this quote is from last week as this stock trades based on a foreign market. Last week up 10.50 at 142.00 a 10.50% gain. The stock has been down as of late but I predict that things could change in the near future for the better.

Their US Based stock RHHBY was flat today. (RHHBY)

3. Somaxon Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: SOMX) at 3.91 +0.22 a 5.96% gain

4. Acura Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ACUR) up 0.13 to 2.72 for a 5.02% gain

5. King Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: KG)
at 9.20 +0.41 a 4.6% gain

6. Alexza Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ALXA) at 2.56 up +0.11 for a 4.49% gain

7. Rigel Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: RIGL) at 8.80 up +0.36 for a 4.72% gain

8. Arena Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ARNA) at 7.47 up +0.30 a 4.19% gain for their upcoming approval recommendation by the FDA for lorcaserin.

9. DepoMed (NASDAQ:DEPO) at 3.90 up +0.15 a 4% gain based on heavy volume after Drug Giant Pfizer Will Not Start Legal Proceedings to try to prevent the launch of DEPO’s version of Pfizer's painkiller Neurontin.

10. Elan Inc. (NYSE:ELN) at 5.43 up +0.18 a 3.43% gain after having a 31% stock gain last week

Others of note up for today were Salix SLXP and Onyx Pharmaceuticals ONXX.

Top Biotech Performers for Monday August 9th

1. Aryx Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ARYX) at 0.598 up +0.139 a 30.28% gain.

2. Helicos BioSciences (NASDAQ:HLCS) at 0.790 up +0.065 a 8.92% gain

3. ZymoGenetics 4.40 +0.32 7.84%

4. SinoVac Biotech 4.53 +0.28 6.59% gain

5. BioScript, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIOS) 4.83 +0.29 6.39% gain

Others of note that were up for the day included Exelixis EXEL, Cytokinetics CYTK, and Seattle Genetics SGEN.
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