BioPharma Stock Watch Tuesday August 10th

Longton stocks near the library.Image via Wikipedia Stocks I am following for Tuesday.

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Helicos BioSciences, Elan, and DepoMed. These stocks have been up the past week and I would like to see how much more gain is left in the stocks bag of tricks. I expect the market to be slightly down tomorrow with the FED's decision coming around 2:15PM Tuesday but these stocks could have breakout momentum.

Helicos BioSciences Corporation (NGM: HLCS)

Y Charts on HLCS

Arena Pharmaceuticals approval hinged on Sept 16th FDA decision

Y Charts on Arena: ARNA

Elan ELN

Y Charts for ELN

DepoMed DEPO

Y Charts on DEPO

Others I am following include Jazz Pharma, Onyx Pharma, and Valeant Pharma.
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