4 Best Biopharma Stock Trades 2013

Below are some of the best trades in the Biopharma Stock Sector since January 2013. I have gathered my research from a pretty good stock investment forum, 4-Trader.  It's all free.  I would never ask you to pay for anything on my site.  No catches, no gimmicks.

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4-Trader.com Stock Sector Research

4-Trader.com Healthcare Sector:  Biotech and Pharmaceutical 

These are highly potential  breakout stocks that I have researched and just posting their results and how to learn more about these Top Stocks in the Healthcare Sector.  More Specifically Biotech and Pharmaceutical Stocks that I predict will be doing very well in the next year with the stock market doing well and the Obamacare being implemented in 2014.  There were a lot to choose from so I pick the best ones that I thought had potential for further gains.

Make Money Off Obamacare

As bad as Obamacare is for business, I think it will improve the Healthcare Sector in the upcoming year and these are all good stocks that I would recommend.  But you can perform your own due diligence yourself, this are the ones that stuck out to me.

Top 4 Biopharma Trades

These are the all the best trades since January, most are above 50% in stock share growth.  Most have higher potentials for further earnings.  These are my own personal 4 picks that I thought were the best of the bunch.

Santarus Inc. (SNTS)


Antares Pharma: $ATRS A Risky Buy

Antares Pharmaceuticals is a Hot Biopharma Investment Right Now

Antares Pharma
So let's start off with Antares Pharma. Most of my previous stocks that I have written about have done very well in the past few years so I'll continue with that trend with this stock: ATRS.

ATRS FDA Approval PDUFA Date is Oct. 14th

     Antares Pharma

Here's a few web links to help you out on Antares and what they are all about. 

This is what that blogger from Seeking Alpha, Scott Matusow has to say about Antares.  I agree with a commenter that a buyout would be a couple of years down the road.

Antares Pharma (ATRS)

Antares Pharma