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1993 Jimmy V Ispirational Speech For Everyone To Watch
"Don’t Give Up. . .Don’t Ever Give Up! ® "

Click here for a transcript of Jimmy's 1993 ESPY speech

Jimmy V Foundation on YouTube

Donate At Jimmy V Foundation For Cancer Research

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was started in 1993 to honor Jim Valvano. From very humble beginnings of Jim's personal friends and family, The Foundation grew. Today, that circle of friends has expanded and the support structure of The Foundation includes people of all walks of life, those who knew Jim personally, those who knew of Jim and many who have joined the cause simply because they believe in the possibility of Jim's final wish - to fund research to find cures for cancer.

The V Foundation takes great pride in its fiscal responsibility and is proud to announce that it gives 100 percent of all new direct cash donations to cancer research and related programs. Administrative and fundraising expenses are paid by our endowment.

We Invite You to Join the Legacy of Hope Society

Over the years, friends of The V Foundation have created different ways to support our cause. One of the ways our friends have chosen to support our work is through their wills and estates. A gift made through your will allows you to know that the work you have been a part of during your lifetime will continue.

We invite you to join the Legacy of Hope Society. By supporting us in your will, you will create your own personal legacy of hope that will help cancer patients and their families.

We are happy to help make this process simple for you. Please contact John Leshney, Senior Vice President of Development, at (919) 380-9505 to discuss including The V Foundation in your will, or visit http://www.jimmyv.org/support-us/ways-to-give.html for more information.

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Be A Part of One Cause
One Team. One Cause. -

What would you do to save someone you love?

Cancer affects us all; we all know someone who is battling cancer. Who do you know? What can you do to fight cancer?

The “One Team. One Cause.” movement connects us all. We’ve all been affected by cancer, and we can all make a difference in finding a cure for cancer. Any donation helps. Together, we will find a cure.

We’re all on one team in the fight against cancer. Join the “One Team. One Cause.” movement.

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How to Use the V Logo for Your Fundraiser!

Are you having an event or fundraiser and want to use The V Foundation logo? The process for using the logo is pretty simple!

In order to put our logo on any promotional materials, we require event organizers to sign a license agreement. If you are requesting use of the logo, send a sample budget along with your event registration form and we can start the process for you!

We have two main requirements that have to be satisfied in order to use the logo.

1) The projected donation for your event or fundraiser is $1,000 or more. Because of the time and resources involved in issuing a license agreement, we require a minimum projected donation.

2) The operating expenses should not exceed 50% of all revenue. For example: If you will be spending $3,000 on food, equipment, venue fees, and other operating costs, we require that at least $1,500 is raised.

Once a sample budget is sent in that satisfies these requirements, we will send you a license agreement to sign.

For more information on planning events or logo license agreements, please see the Event Planner’s Guide at http://www.jimmyv.org/support-us/host-an-event.html.

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