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Revolutions Medical is a safety medical device and software application company. Its products include the RevVac safety syringe (FDA approved), safety blood drawing device and safety IV catheter. The Company also provides RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D -- software solutions and proprietary tools that are compatible with standard MRIs and standard PACS. The software suite's functionality includes sorting of images, color, 3D and automatic segmentation of images.

For additional information, please visit Revolutions Medical corporate website: http://www.revolutionsmedical.com/.

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CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug 30, 2010 -- Revolutions Medical Corporation ("Revolutions Medical" or the "Company") (OTCBB:RMCP) has notified the MDEA (www.MDEAwards.com) that there had been an error in awarding the Free Vac syringe the 2010 Medical Design Excellence Award when in fact Free Vac misrepresented ownership of the syringe. The syringe was actually Revolutions Medical Corporation's RevVac auto retractable safety syringe.

This was recently confirmed in a deposition. Ron Wheet, CEO of Revolutions Medical Corporation, states, "The Medical Design Excellence Awards competition, organized and presented by Canon Communications LLC, is the only awards program that exclusively recognizes contributions and advances in the design of medical products.

Now in their fourteenth year, the MDEA competition recognizes manufacturers, engineers, scientists designers, and clinicians who are responsible for the leading edge technology that continues to push healthcare to new heights. I am confident that this prestigious organization that prides itself in recognizing the achievements of the workers and companies like ours, will give Revolutions Medical Corporation and the RevVac vacuum operated auto retractable safety syringe the proper recognition that it deserves."

RevVac is Revolutions Medical Corporation's patented and FDA cleared safety syringe that incorporates its proprietary vacuum-operated automatic retractable technology. Designed with healthcare providers in mind, the RevVac utilizes vacuum force to instantly retract the used needle into the barrel of the syringe after an injection is administered. This syringe is intended to replace conventional syringes currently on the market and to reduce the possibility of needle stick injuries.

Accidental needle stick injuries endanger the lives of patients and medical professionals who may contract blood borne diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. The features of the RevVac syringe simplify use and enhance the safety of the current injection process used by all healthcare providers worldwide.

Revolutions Medical intends to present the new design of the RevVac safety syringe, whereby we have reduced the parts from 12 to 8, revolutionized the look and style, and improved performance in the 2011 MDEA competition.
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