What does it take to get a little respect from google

Enjoy the google girls. Hot chicks are great marketing tools. And it's a break from my normal business posts. Google Girl and Google Apple Chicks of the day.

Well I have reached a nice target audience on Seeking Alpha and my posts have a high page ranking from their site but what does it take to get my blog noticed by google. I just don't know. I'm gonna keep trying though and eventually good things will come.

I post the same articles on this site as I do Seeking Alpha but google neglects to notice my little blog. I am working on creating a new site and getting a web host so hopefully I can get that up and running soon. For those who are following me on here I appreciate the audience. More posts will come. Click on a Google Ad or two. It won't kill ya. Thanks for listening.
BioPharma Investor.

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