BioElectronics Extreme Penny Stock Trade

BioElectronics (BIEL) is a hot trade right now. At 0.08 I see it as a nice trade with huge potential. I don't exactly like their financials too much after seeing their Balance Sheet from March but could be a good trade for long term growth, if they can stay afloat. Here are two articles on them for their two products available, Allay and Actipatch therapies. This is a risky trade but most are. I actually see them pulling through their financial woes with their new add campaign's and infomercials coming out this fall. Also note that they do have a competitor with other larger companies that can produce the same therapies and have their own research available. With that said, I like their marketing campaign and I do see the potential for the pain therapy.

A link to their financial situation can be found here:

On 6/19/09, (5) BioElectronics (BIEL.PK) ($0.056) announced a corporate update, including the filing of two applications with the FDA earlier in the week. The first of these was for 510(k) marketing clearance for its Allay Menstrual Pain Relief Patch product seeking OTC marketing clearance and an indication for pain reduction associated with dysmenorrhea (period pain and cramps). The second FDA filing was for a reclassification of the company's technologies from Class III to Class II. On 6/15/09, BIEL announced that it is filing an application with the FDA for 510(k) clearance to market its Allay Menstrual Pain Relief Patch product. The Allay Menstrual Pain Relief Patch is drug-free and is based on Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, which applies advanced semiconductor and micro-battery technologies into a very small form factor that has been packaged into a wafer thin patch that can be worn directly on the skin.

On 7/29/09, BIEL.PK announced that preliminary data on a heel and foot pain study show strong efficacy and 100% safety using the ActiPatch device. The study also showed study participants were able to significantly reduce their use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Clinical studies in the areas of breast augmentation, Cesarean section, Uveitis, and several areas of surgical recovery are quickly coming to a close with data expected over the coming months. With the data provided by the Genecov study, the management team plans to accelerate its FDA 510(k) pre-marketing clearance filing for general musculoskeletal complaints designed to lead to over-the-counter approval. In addition, the company will soon submit an additional application of 510(k) pre-marketing clearance for general surgical recovery.

BioElectronics Launches Direct Response Television Initiative
Thursday, 13 August 2009 01:32

FREDERICK, MD--(Marketwire - August 13, 2009) -BioElectronics Corp. (PINKSHEETS: BIEL), the maker of inexpensive, disposable drug-free anti-inflammatory devices, today announced it is launching a direct response television (DRTV) initiative to market its ActiPatch® Therapy and Allay™ brands to the mass market. BioElectronics has retained industry leader, Schulberg MediaWorks as its marketing partner.Work on the DRTV spots has already begun with initial airing expected within 60 days.Initially, the Canadian and selected other English speaking markets will be targeted, but the U.S. market will also be heavily targeted once FDA clearance is received.
"We have selected SMW (Schulberg MediaWorks) as our partner based on its impressive record of both success and integrity.SMW, which is one of the pioneers in infomercial advertising, has an impressive track record with more than $700 million in DRTV sales and more than one billion viewers of its innovative programs," commented Andrew Whelan, CEO of BioElectronics. "In addition to impressive creative and video production capabilities, they also bring to the table extensive operational expertise in media buying, web design, order processing, and fulfillment.Our management team and board of directors are pleased that a DRTV firm of SMW's quality has agreed to be our partner.We are expecting this initiative to be a major revenue generator for the Company."

"We believe ActiPatch Therapy and Allay are strong brands for DRTV marketing," commented Jon Schulberg, President of Schulberg MediaWorks. "The issue of the potential dangers of Tylenol® and acetaminophen is already resonating with the public and we believe many consumers are looking for drug-free alternatives.We will be working closely with the BioElectronics team to help communicate the message to the public that the ActiPatch Therapy and Allay products are effective alternatives to taking potentially dangerous medications.We look forward to making this initiative a success for BioElectronics and its shareholders."

About BioElectronics Corporation

BioElectronics Corporation is the maker of ActiPatch® Therapy, RecoveryRx™ Devices, HealFast™ Therapy (www.healfasttherapy.com) and the Allay™ family of inexpensive, disposable drug-free anti-inflammatory devices. For more information please see

More info about Bioelectronics therapies can be found through NC State's Bioinstrumentation Website or searching google for Bioelectronics Pain Therapies. Here's NC States Electrical and Computer Engineering information on Bioinstumentation.

Bioinstrumentation is the use of bioelectronic instruments for the recording or transmission of physiological information. Biomedical devices are an amalgamation of biology, sensors, interface electronics, microcontrollers, and computer programming, and require the combination of several traditional disciplines including biology, optics, mechanics, mathematics, electronics, chemistry, and computer science. Bioinstrumentation teams gather engineers that design, fabricate, test, and manufacture advanced medical instruments and implantabe devices into a single, more productive unit.

Bioelectronics have a wide variety of applications, including: electrocardiographs, cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, blood pressure and flow monitors, and medical imaging systems. The field of bioinstrumentation has seemingly endless possibilities because of its fusion of different fields for the common purpose of developing new and exciting ways of managing and treating disease and disabilities. A few emerging technologies include implantable sensors to monitor treatment effectiveness, anti-stuttering aids, blood vessel compliance measurement, distributed sensor networks for home healthcare, and electronic aids for the five human senses.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University's bioinstrumentation concentration is uniquely designed to give students undergraduate experience in bioelectronic conceptions, design, and implementation. In addition, our proximity to Research Triangle Park provides students with direct access to local bioelectronic employers such as Sicel Technologies, Gilero, and Glaxo-Smith-Kline.

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