BioPharma Investor

Im starting this blog to help me track my investments better, and mostly spread the word around the BioPharma Industry on the latest stock news, investments and beginner tips. I have been picking stocks for a long time but finally have started aggressively purchasing biopharmaceutical stocks and searching for the next up and coming stock trade.

Most recent trades that I have been successful with are Jazz Pharma, and Spectrum Pharma. JAZ and SPPI are their symbols. Get a free quote at CSB MarketWatch http://www.marketwatch.com/

I currently trade with Scottrade and have a Fidelity IRA account for all my trading needs. I suggest looking into online stock brokers and find one you like. I will post shortly the best ones I have found and the best ones for trading online. There are plenty out there and not all are the same.

My current strategy for stocks is researching clinical trial data and waiting for the latest news on the clinical trial updates.

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