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Okay, so now that I've started this I can update my progress on some stocks that I have purchased recently and maybe add a watchlist for those I am intending to watch closely and make a purchase.

Most stocks I purchase range in the 100-1000 range for shares purchased. I like to keep things easy to do the math in my head and it helps when you are tracking numerous stocks. I have a watchlist on CBS Marketwatch and have various newswires in my browser to get up to date stock information at a seconds hand. I keep up with most news through various Business Journals, and professional blogging sites. My favorites include SeekingAlpha.com, and Medpages news. Others I have stumbled across but Yahoo Finance, Google Searches on Clinical Trials and Biopharma news are really nice to have in todays digital age of up to the minute stock trading and research at a fingers touch.

My recent purchases have included Jazz Pharmaceutical(JAZZ), Spectrum Pharmaceutical (SPPI), Hemispherix BioPharma (HEB), Cyclacel (CYCC), and Spherix (SPEX). All Biopharma companies with empending Clinical Trial Data scheduled for release soon. My best pick so far is the Spectrum Pharma SPPI. I have learned how to use limit orders to chose the stock at the best price i feel it is worth. This is done with stock trending analysis. Simple Graph analysis, and most importantly the Financial Information as in the companies Liabilities, Assets, Debt Ratio, and Cash Flow analysis. All tools I have learned with my business training at NC State college of Business Management and Accounting.

I have worked for large and small companies and my main focus remains in the Biotech Pharmacuetical Market. I have tested samples for both Clinical Trials and have seen the likes of Pfizer, and Dendreon, and Savient. I live in a biopharma mecca and have lived in the Research Triangle Park now for over 3 years and love living in the Park as they call it. There is a large Indian Population so Namaste to everyone out in Morrisville, aka Little India. But anyways, I dont discriminate and love most people I run across. I value diversity and appreciate a change from everyday American Lifestyles.

But back to the stocks.

Up and Coming biopharma stocks include: AVI Biopharma (AVII), Exact Sciences Corporation (EXAS), most and any biopharma out of the Seattle Area ZGEN HGSI SGEN DNDN, and BDSI BioDelivery Sciences International.

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