Sarepta Therapeutics: What Now After FDA Delay?

With the recent FDA delay, what's the deal with Sarepta Therapeutics.  Seems like a sure thing but then why would the FDA delay their decision and request more data.

A good look at their clinical trail is in the WSJ this week.  Where's the drug FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration is sitting on a therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and the agency may have days to waste but the boys don’t. Bureaucratic malpractice on a safe and effective treatment is corroding the agency’s scientific credibility and the public’s trust.

FDA in May delayed a decision on eteplirsen by Boston-based Sarepta Therapeutics. There is no treatment for Duchenne, a fatal disease that claims a boy’s ability to walk before organ failure in his 20s. Eteplirsen jumps over genetic code to produce a missing protein known as dystrophin.

Read more at WSJ(FYI, if you google the link title you can get around their purchase options sometimes)

A look at their stock profile:  $SRPT

I have enjoyed CNBC Meg Terrill's Look at Biopharma lately as well with the upcoming elections and terrible year that Biotech has been having.

Check out more videos of Meg here.  http://www.cnbc.com/meg-tirrell/

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